A Midsummer Night’s Resolution

Written by Jim Worthington on May 10, 2017

Your family can start the next school year with a current estate plan.

If you are one of the many Americans without an up to date estate plan, why not make this the summer to change that? Why would you do this in the summer? Isn’t summer about travel and spending time with your family. That’s true, but what better way to show your love for your family than to do this vital planning for your and their future. Plus, some people need to ask their family members or friends if they are willing to be guardians, executors, or trustees. What better time to do it than when you will be seeing them in person during those summer trips?

You may be saying that this doesn’t sound like something fun to do. Isn’t summer supposed to be about fun? Fun may be too strong of a word, but most people do find it extremely satisfying to check this off their list. And, making your estate plan doesn’t have to be the burden one might associate with seeing a lawyer. Instead, the process can be efficient and it doesn’t have to be terribly expensive.

One way to make it more efficient is to be prepared. Click this link to read a memo I wrote to help my clients with the decisions involved. Another step I’ve taken is to quote my clients a flat fee at the beginning of the engagement. That prevents the unpleasant surprise of not knowing the cost until after the work is finished.

Predictable timelines and fees is my commitment to my clients. And, I think it’s something everyone has a right to expect from their lawyer. Whoever you work with, resolve now to update your estate plan and when you do, be proactive about seeking the quality and service you deserve.