Jim’s Photography

I’ve picked my photography hobby back up and even have a portfolio to share. Please click¬†jimworthingtonlouavl.myportfolio.com. I hope you enjoy.

Photography has been a lifelong passion. Since I was a teen, I’ve spent time behind the lenses of everything from 110 point and shoots to 5×7 view cameras. Today, I use a digital SLR and post-process on the computer. Since this page is on my law firm’s website, you can probably tell that this is a free-time passion. I photograph what interests me. That often includes water. I’m on a quest to photograph running water so the viewer can hear it as loudly as I did when I was there. Sometimes, though, my goal is to convey the silent beauty of a scene from a morning hike.¬†

I hope you enjoy my portfolio. I’ll be adding to it as I apply my post-processing skills to older images and as I get out and shoot more, when I have the free time to do it.