Retirement Planning: A Good Reason for Having a Revocable Trust–and Funding It

Putting your affairs in order for retirement is a perfect reason to have a living or revocable trust. The ideas in this post also work if you have been diagnosed with an illness that will weaken your mind or body ...

Do Kentuckians need a living or revocable trust?

If you:
  • don't have kids under 18 or other special needs beneficiaries,
  • don't own property in more than one state, and
  • don't have a particular reason to keep your will private,
you don't need a living or revocable ...

More about Prince

For an article about some of the difficulties that will be associated with Prince's estate administration, see this Slate article ...

What happens if Prince died without a will?

News reports have surfaced that Prince died without a will. I don't want to say too much too soon but here's an interesting question. Prince had some very particular ideas about how to manage his artistic repertoire. A will or ...

More–but only a little–about the Holliday case

The Estate of Sarah D. Holliday Tax Court case mentioned briefly last month was a win for the IRS but hasn't generated much buzz in the estate planning community. Essentially, the Tax Court held that the late Ms. Holliday's family ...

IRS Scores Rare Family Limited Partnership Victory

The IRS must have been celebrating more than St. Patrick's Day yesterday. The Tax Court gave it a rare victory and held that a family limited partnership had not been formed for any non-tax reasons and hadn't been operated with ...