Returning to Regular Asheville Office Hours

Written by Jim Worthington on February 2, 2022

Thrilled! That’s how I feel about announcing that I’ll resume regularly staffing my Asheville office in February 2022. The latest news from Buncombe County is that Covid-19 cases are declining. Precautions are still very much needed so masks will be available and meetings will be limited to people who are vaccinated and who don’t have symptoms. Video meetings will be available for people not in those groups. With these common sense precautions, it finally seems safe to be in the office on a regular schedule.

Despite not having the regular schedule I planned on, I have been able to work with Western North Carolina clients and have spent time in my office at One Oak Plaza. It’s just been on more of an as-needed basis. With all of the uncertainty, I didn’t announce my trips ahead of time. Fortunately, I’m now able to share the following dates when I expect to be in Asheville:

    • Feb. 6 – 9
    • Feb. 27- Mar. 2
    • Mar. 20 – 23
    • Apr. 13 – 16
    • Apr. 24 – 27
    • May 15 – 18
    • June 1 – 4
    • June 14 – 17

A silver lining is that the shift to video meetings has proved the concept I had when I opened my Asheville office in 2019. Whether I’m in Asheville or Louisville, I am available to meet with any of my clients. Meeting by communication technology has worked well as most people are now comfortable with the tools for video meetings.

I look forward to working with you—wherever you are and regardless of which office I’m in.