Working and Photographing in Both Kentucky and North Carolina

Written by Jim Worthington on March 30, 2022

Posting so much recently about North Carolina law and my photography has created some confusion. This blog will hopefully clear that up because, sadly, there haven’t been as many in-person events to talk about these new parts of my life. My North Carolina practice and my photography hobby are ways to reach out to more people. They enrich me personally and professionally—without replacing my Kentucky practice. And that’s crucial for me to stay healthy and do more for my family, friends, and clients. In sum, I practice law in both Kentucky and North Carolina; my photography is a serious avocation but it’s not going to replace my legal work. Here’s a little more about how all of this came about.

I opened my North Carolina law practice in September 2019 while continuing my Kentucky practice. I felt like I was really picking up momentum in Asheville when I traveled there in February 2020 for a few days of work followed by my family joining me for a fun, long weekend. And then the world shut down. I tried working from that office in summer 2020 and several times in 2021 but it just didn’t feel right. Since the need for a sophisticated estate and trust practice in Asheville remained, I recently recommitted myself to growing my Asheville office. This article on my law firm website describes that.

I now spend part of every third week (roughly) in Western North Carolina to meet clients and build relationships. My family’s home nevertheless remains in my wife’s native Louisville. Western North Carolina is beautiful, but Louisville is home and has been for 22 years. Even though both states have a rich basketball tradition, Kentucky is where my heart is. Besides, it’s the only place where one can say “Happy Derby” without getting a puzzled look and that has Hot Browns on the menu.

My photography came about because the pandemic hit me hard. Even though I’m an introvert who loves being with my family, I needed a hobby other than eating. So, I rekindled the romance I’ve had with photography since I first picked up a Minolta Hi-Matic in 1978, which I described here on my photography website. After a friend encouraged me to start sharing my photographs, I created a photography website and started posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Having a website and social media helps me be more intentional about this hobby. I’m working toward the goal of having a portfolio that lets me sell a print or two and donate some to a charity auction.

I hope this gives a clear picture of what I’m up to and that it answers any questions. To reach me, you can use these email links to talk Kentucky or North Carolina law or photography. Basketball and the Kentucky Derby are fun topics too!