Written by Jim Worthington on October 15, 2019

The expansion comes through opening an office in Asheville, North Carolina to offer sophisticated estate planning and a high level of personal service to the growing population there. Expanding my practice will benefit all of my clients because of the greater range of issues I will have a chance to address. In North Carolina, I will be practicing as James C. Worthington, Sr., PLLC dba Worthington Law Firm, just as I do in Kentucky. I will bring my skills and experience to all of my clients. That experience includes:

I will have a regular schedule of office hours in Asheville and will be available in between those times by web conference, phone, and in-person as needed. Fortunately, modern technology will allow me to serve clients in both communities seamlessly.

One reason for my excitement about this venture is the striking parallels between Louisville and Asheville. Both communities are growing and encourage entrepreneurs; tourism is important to both areas, particularly to the revitalization of their downtowns; craft beverages play an important role in that tourism and in the local economies; both have a thriving farm to table foodie scene; and both are major health care centers. I’d be happy to answer any questions about these parallels and resulting synergies between the two vibrant locations. I’ll try to keep my enthusiasm from making me talk too long.

Another reason for my excitement is that I graduated from law school at Duke University in North Carolina and began my professional career in that state almost 30 years ago. Opening this office is a return to my roots. But please know that I will continue my practice in Kentucky, where I live with my family and where my son attends the University of Kentucky. One unsolved challenge will be who to cheer for during college basketball season.

Please contact me with any questions about this exciting new venture.